Hello world!


I have always been curious and excited about advertising, so much that I went forward and completed my Diploma in it.

I love analyzing advertisements. may they be print, TV or radio or any other Below the Line form. If there is a profession where you get to analyze adverts of any category, I would love to be a part of it.

Analyzing in terms of who the target audience might be for this particular advert, whether it is engaging/interactive. The impact or the curiosity it generates to the viewer of that ad, regardless of whether they are the target audience or not. The simplicity of the idea or the clarity of the message, is what really intrigues me.

The ads that have made me look twice, flip the page or have had my attention for more than 10 seconds, are the ones that I would mention here.

If there are any suggestions or maybe you might have a different perception to that ad, please do share. I would be happy to know.




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