How to get Moong/Mung/Green Gram Sprouts


Hello world 🙂 This is a rather simple post for an ingredient that is not so simple 🙂

Sprouts aka Green Gram or Moong/Mung beans are so versatile, extremely nutritious, easy to digest and filled with fibre and vitamins. Ideally you should make them in a big batch, so that you can use them for different recipes, for example- salads, gravies, curries, stuffed breads, the list is endless. So let’s get started 🙂


1 cup of Moong Beans/Mung/Green Gram

2 cups of water

1 deep and wide dish to soak the beans

1 muslin cloth/cotton cloth

1 large dish/plate

1 colander


After washing the mung beans, toss them in the dish with the water and let it soak overnight.

Next, drain the water and add the mung beans to the colander to remove excess water and give a good cleanse. Spread the muslin cloth and add in the mung beans and pull the corners of the muslin cloth together and tie them up like a bundle. Hang the bundle somewhere near sunlight for the next day.

During the day, sprinkle a good amount of water on the mung beans every 3-4 hours.You will see sprouts growing out of the muslin cloth, it means they are ready.

Open the cloth and toss the sprouts in a large dish to let out the excessive moisture. Store the excess in a dish/jar and keep in fridge. Use as you please 🙂

Try it and do share it with your loved ones.

Would love to know your comments down below.


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