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Good evening peeps!

So to update everyone, it is REALLY HOT in Dubai.

Also, I am tired of buying drinks which are just plain sugar. Even Iced teas are just filled with a lot of sugar. Occasionally it is ok, but on a regular basis it is not healthy and also expensive i.e- slowly affects your health and budget.

So without further ado, lets’ begin the recipe for my drink of the weekPeach Iced Green Tea. You can take this to work/ picnics etc. It is a refreshing, sweet and light drink. Perfect for Summer 🙂

The sugar is reduced, also you get the benefits of green tea with mint, which is great to cool down your body during these scorching hot months.

Makes up to 1 big bottle to chill and store in the fridge to last up to 1 week.


-Green tea and mint tea bags- 5 sachets (Any brand will do)

-Fresh peaches- 3 chopped

-water- 5 cups

-Honey-2 tbsp

-Ice cubes-7

-Dried mint- 1 tbsp (you can get it from any supermarket, in the spices and dried ingredients section)


-Boil the tea bags and let the tea water cool. Discard the tea bags.

-Boil the peaches, let the flavor simmer, till they are nice and squishy. The idea is to make a puree’.  Sieve it in a bowl, remove as much of the juice as possible. Discard the dried pulp. Let it cool.

Mix the tea water with the peach puree’. Add 2 big tbsp of honey, mix well. Get a jug or a glass bottle of choice, add in the tea.

Add 5 cups of water and the dried mint. Mix really well. Keep it to chill in the refrigerator.

Add in the ice cubes, at the time of serving.

Serve it in fancy glasses or mugs, the choice is up to you. Cheers & Enjoy 🙂

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